T1 / DS1 / PRI Services

T1/DS1 High-Speed Internet Connection with NOVA Internet Services

NOVA T1/DS1 internet access services provide a 1.544MBit/s CDR circuit interconnected to NOVA's high-performance internet network. Subscribers of this service can choose custom configurations which may include firewall, IP filters, and layer-3 switching. NOVA can support client BGP-4 networking protocol.

Please call (214)904-9600 to discuss your network needs and pricing. NOVA is very competitive on T1 internet service pricing. Following is the average price for both T1 internet service and circuit costs (telephone company carrier fees).


Bandwidth Set-Up Monthly
1-yr term
2-yr term
3-yr term
DS1 - 1.544Mbit/s CDR $749.95 $659.95 $595.95 $525.95

** Applicable sales tax and your telephone services is not included in prices provided on this page.
** IP address allocation requires compliance with the American Registry of Internet Numbers.


CDR - Certified Data Rate. The speed rating of a carrier circuit. A T1 has a CDR of 1.544 Mbit/s bits.

DS1 - sometimes also referred to as D1, stands for Digital Signal 1. DS1 can transport 1.544Mbit/s in both directions.

KBit/s - Thousands Bits of Data per second

MBit/s - Millions Bits of Data per second

PRI - an acronym for Primary Rate Interface. A PRI is a single circuit that has been soft configured to work as 24 (twenty-four) individual 64,000 bits per second (64kbit/s) circuits.

T1 - means a circuit that carries 1.544mbit/s of data.