Email Services

Email Services


NOVA provides enhanced and full-featured email services, such as web mail, gateways, alias names, auto-responders, list servers, and auto forwarding to name just a few. Even if you are not sure which services you need, don't hesitate to call and speak with one of our trained email specialists to discuss your options.

Email Service Description Monthly Annual Setup
Individual POP Accounts 5.00 60.00 0.00
POP Domain 10.00 100.00 10.00
Domain Post Office 10 POP accounts 20.00 200.00 20.00
Backup Mail Spool 40.00 400.00 20.00
Corporate Mail (25 account pkg) 105.00 1,260.00 125.00
Service Center Mail Gateway (200k/month) 60.00 660.00 25.00
Service Center Mail Gateway (600k/month) 120.00 1320.00 25.00
Private List Server 25.00 250.00 20.00
Web Based Control included included included
Anti-Spam included included included
Anti-Virus included included included
Auto-responders included included included
Email Forwarding included included included
Web mail included included included
Email Alias Names included included included

Anti-Spam Software -  Nova incorporates multiple levels of anti-spam systems utilizing multiple third party subscription and public RBLs in an attempt to deny delivery of the most obvious junk mail. In addition to the common methods of anti-spam systems, we house and operate scanners, statistical analysis, and exclusive and proprietary RBL server.  Our systems are not perfect but we feel confident to claim that we are better than most in delivering one of the best email services available.

Anti-Virus - We take a proactive approach to assist in the protection of your computers and networks. In bound mail is scanned for known Virus and trojan programs and email attachments prior to delivery.

Corporte Mail Account Package - price break / Cost reduction for email post office with a large number of email accounts.  

Domain Post Office - Create multiple email addresses of your choice @ your own registered domain name. Our standard package includes 10 POP email accounts. Additional accounts can be purchased as well as support for multiple domain names. 

DNS w/Backup Mail Spool - We can host your domain name and route inbound email to your mail server. If your mail server is off-line or unavailable, Nova's email servers will accept your inbound mail and hold it for later delivery to your mail server for up to 4 days.

Individual POP Account - a single internet email address  Non-inclusive DNS Service  -  We can host a DNS record that does not include services provided by Nova or services that are not included in a service package.  

POP Domain - all email addressed to your registered domain is accepted and placed in a single email POP account. Alias domain names are supported in this configuration.

Private List Server - a private list server is an internet list that is closely managed by the designated list manager. The list manager creates and manages the list parameters and members.

Service Center Mail Gateway - Email Gateway Service designed to handle the high demand of email transmissions needed for notification and report systems.

Web Based Control - Web based control permits email users to access and utilize common internet mail features as well as the ability to create change passwords, add/delete POP accounts and alias' (domain administrators), manage email lists, send/receive email, manage inbound and outbound rules, create forwards, create vacation/auto-responder messages, and much more.