Server Co-location

Server Co-location

NOVA offers third party server co-location at our Dallas, TX based Network Operation Center (NOC). The NOC utilizes one of the most robust and versatile methods of high-speed communications on the Internet. Network communications flow in a wide array of paths incorporating microwave, satellite, and hot redundant fiber optic connections to multiple Internet backbones.

Connections are managed, balanced, and controlled through high-end Cisco routers and switches. Routing is operated by the advanced Internet routing technology, Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP4).  This gives us the ability to directly route connections to the closest interconnected tier 1 backbone carriers resulting in fewer hops from point to point. Simply put, we provide some of the shortest routes for you.

Our facility is monitored by a combination of security, CCTV, and parameter access control systems. We are equipped with redundant air conditioning systems, power arrays providing clean and conditioned power, and emergency power generators.  We can accommodate either rack mount or table top servers. We also have floor space available for cabinets.


Prices Start at $1000.00/month
(minimum 1 year commitment)

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